Generating energy from water

Antea Group believes in the enormous potential of tidal energy and is making a case around the world for the development of this alternative, sustainable manner of extracting energy from water. Through the POWER Group, we are involved in the creation of a thirty-kilometer-long energy dike in China. Closer to home, we are taking the lead in the creation of the Grevelingendam Tidal Testing Center.

Antea Group invests in energy from water
Antea Group provides integrated knowledge of hydraulic engineering, civil structures, safety and ecology. Along with Tidal Testing Center Netherlands, turbine builders, the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and the provinces of Zuid-Holland and Zeeland, we are making the case for a test center where we can demonstrate the usefulness of this form of generating energy from water.

In theory, generation of tidal power is possible anywhere with a coastline.

Dutch Delta Works
The Dutch are renowned worldwide for their Delta Works and delta technology, a collection of defenses in the Netherlands. Nowadays, the Dutch Delta Works are built with respect for nature. Thanks to the construction of open dams, the ecosystem is also included in the plans. This also creates economic activities such as aquaculture, recreation and tourism.

Hydraulic engineering has now become a key export product. The generation of sustainable energy from water is an upcoming market. The Netherlands can choose to acquire a position in this potential market that consists of offshore and nearshore technologies.

The Netherlands is developing a strong position
In combining knowledge and expertise of hydraulic engineering, offshore maritime technology, ecology, turbine technology and energy distribution, the Netherlands is acquiring a special role worldwide and therefore a strong position on the alternative energy market.

Antea Group wants to boost innovation, knowledge development and high-quality employment opportunities for techniques and technology. What is more, Antea Group wants to make a substantial contribution towards the third European 20/20/20 objectives:

  • 20% fewer greenhouse gas emissions
  • 20% less energy consumption in 2020
  • 20% sustainable energy in 2020