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Urban Planning

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Spatial developments are more complex than ever. Space is scarce, legislation and regulations are tightening, interest groups pack an ever greater punch, and flows of money are changing. But still, that has not made the realization of urban plans an impossibility. From feasibility studies to environmental impact assessment procedures, from planning to legal advice; Antea Group supports governments, developers and private individuals.

Whether it be urban revival, industrial park redevelopment or an overall vision for an area. Successful urban planning requires interaction between content, processes and procedures. This is where Antea Group excels. As a multidisciplinary firm, we harness this knowledge across a wide-ranging scope.  

Attractive and feasible plans
The details of a plan are crucial for its implementation. Plans needs to be logical, practical and functional. Not only where incorporation of landscape and urban development is concerned, but also when it comes to market value and profitability. Our planners, (human) geographers, and traffic experts produce viable plans that are just as ambitious as you are.

Your guide in the red-tape jungle
Spatial development and regulations are inextricably bound up with each other. Antea Group's specialists are reliable guides that help you negotiate the jungle of red tape. We also provide support in environmental impact assessments and zoning plan procedures.

Collaboration is the key to a successful project. You need the support of financial backers, interest groups and the local community to turn plans into reality. What parties do you need and how can you bring them together? How can you ensure stakeholders are given the opportunity to actively participate in the process? Antea Group's process managers and consultants can help you with advice, and can act as intermediaries between client and environment.