Climate change, rising sea levels and excessive volumes of surface water; all over the world, we endeavor to keep the places where we live and work safe and habitable. At the same time we want to seize opportunities in terms of the economy, nature and sustainable and efficient use of natural resources. Antea Group is taking the lead by assisting government, industry and contractors.

Modern water management in urban, natural and agricultural areas; the search for balance between development and restraint, between people and nature. This is something that requires an understanding of the entire water system. From planning through to implementation, Antea Group combines expertise in hydraulic engineering, hydrology, sewerage, ecology, safety and the environment. We translate this into concrete solutions, always keeping a watchful eye on the impact on nature and water usage, procedures and regulations. 

Planning with water

Sustainable solutions involve more than simply raising the height of dykes. People and the environment are central in our vision 'Polder 2.0: a new approach to planning with water'. Living, work and recreation can mix very well with a sizeable dose of water. The challenge is in giving residents and stakeholders the opportunity to put forward their own ideas and get their support for the plans. Antea Group combines content and process within such complex projects. 

From planning to implementation... 

Plans made in accordance with Kaderrichtlijnen (Framework Directives) and programs such as Hoogwaterbestrijding (Flood Prevention), Ruimte voor de Rivier (Room for the River), Zwakke Schakels (Weak Links), Natura2000 and the Delta Program are making the transition from the planning phase to implementation. This conversion requires specific expertise. On the part of contractors, for example, in terms of spatial planning, detailed engineering and implementation plans. Antea Group not only has all this expertise, but we also know how to make the transition from the planning to the development phase.  

…to management and maintenance

In times of cutbacks, there is increased demand for efficient and cost-effective management and maintenance. What quality criteria will you use, what will you contract out and what are your priorities? Our management expertise and software enables us to provide you with optimum support in all project phases, resulting in responsible management and maintenance.