Coastline and rivers

The meeting of land and water is dynamic. Coastlines and deltas are consequently attractive places to live, work and play. The risk of flooding puts pressure on intensively used facilities. How can coastal areas and rivers be enjoyed to the full and at the same time remain safe? From damming projects to land-use plans, Antea Group is engaged in sustainable solutions.

Business Lines:

Intervention in the flow of an estuary or river, construction of a dam or a hydraulic structure; they never take place in isolation. From initiative through delivery, Antea Group offers government bodies, water companies, developers and contractors integrated solutions through all project phases. We link civil, cultural and hydraulic engineering knowledge with expertise in governmental and socio-economic processes.

Spatial development

Water management is becoming an increasingly decisive factor in spatial development. It not only involves the protection of our land, but also the development of sustainable social, economic and ecological areas. Collaboration between public and private parties is needed in order that delta regions can be used to the full. Antea Group facilitates collaboration and the sharing of knowledge.

Social awareness

The dam repositioning near Lent, reconstruction of the Heesseltsche Uiterwaarden floodplains; Antea Group is, or has been, involved in complex projects with major social and landscaping impact. The environment plays a crucial role in this. Alongside technical assessment, innovative solutions and an efficient project organization, we contribute to awareness. By maintaining an open dialog, we ensure that government bodies, residents and interested parties are represented together in a single plan.

Monitoring and management

The efficient (i.e. life-cycle cost) and sustainable (robust) management of waterways and dams demands smart management strategies and plans. Over the years, Antea Group has acquired a wealth of experience in compiling such plans. Alongside this, the Dutch Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management and the water boards employ us for the testing and monitoring of dam safety.