Dutch Water Act and water quality

Government bodies are faced with huge challenges in water management in the years ahead. Statutory instruments have been streamlined and modernized, and incorporated within the Water Act, thus ensuring that future management is as well-specified and achievable as possible. A development that requires you to take a fresh look at your activities and responsibilities.

Business Lines:

Issues relating to ground and surface water management, and municipal water activities, require an ever-more integrated approach. Water management is also increasingly more often regarded as an integral factor in relation to ecological quality via the Dutch Water Framework Directive and the 1998 Dutch law on Nature Conservation (Natuurbeschermingswet, Natura 2000 aquatic areas). The Water Act must better facilitate the granting of permits in this arena. Government bodies will be required to make significant efficiency improvements before this goal is achieved.


Changes to environmental laws and regulations take your organization into rapids. To ensure continued smooth operations, it is important to seize upon developments in a timely manner. Antea Group can assist you with this. How will the Water Act affect your organization? What are the key changes? How does this translate in practice?

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  • granting and enforcement of permits in relation to laws on water;
  • compilation of project plans;
  • policy plans and implementation plans;
  • courses on the Water Act, sampling, Biva, SAB;
  • process supervision and interim management;
  • water quality reports, water quality recommendations.

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