Antea Group en Fryslân foar de wyn

Wind farms

Antea Group acts like an accelerator, marshaling your projects from idea to execution as quickly and smoothly as possible. We have all the required expertise in house, and will bring in specialist partners whenever necessary. Our consultants are familiar with the pitfalls and success factors, and are therefore genuine value-added sparring partners for you.

We can also provide support on individual matters, such as:

  • Zoning and integration plans, including all associated environmental studies
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Procedure and permit management
  • Environmental planning advice
  • Consulting on external safety
  • Surrounding area management/mediation
  • Civil engineering consultancy and execution
  • Cost estimates and financial advice

Antea Group has a good reputation with both public and private players in the field of wind power developments. Antea Group is an independent specialist that brings players together and bridges gaps. Antea Group's consultants understand the ins and outs of a project developer's business case, as well as how political decision-making works.

Experience-based consulting

Sound knowledge of and experience with legislation and regulations, permit procedures and enforcement make Antea Group the ideal consulting partner for governments and private project developers alike. Antea Group is able to assess risk from the perspective of execution, permit granting, and enforcement.

Innovative concepts

Whenever necessary, Antea Group will introduce innovative new concepts. Antea Group specialists are currently involved in projects for water windmills and wind power in woods. Our sister company Van Der Heide has developed the "Pitcher" for the timely issuing of storm warnings, and our French associate Antea Group France has patented foundations for marine wind turbines. Finally, our group company Strukton is involved in building transformer platforms for offshore wind farms.