Wind Power: An alternative form of sustainable energy

Wind Power: An alternative form of sustainable energy

Toward 6,000 MW of wind power in 2020

Antea Group is one of the market leaders in the area of spatial planning, environmental planning, and area development. Our background in engineering allows us to provide input on a broad range of execution issues.

The Netherlands has set itself the target of generating 6,000MW of wind power by 2020, tripling the current volume. Although numerous initiatives have been taken, new alternative-energy plans generally fail due to complex procedures and financial limitations. Where the focus used to be on new plans, it is now on execution.

Successful development of wind power from wind turbines depends on striking a balance between:

  • fitting wind turbines into the landscape
  • public support
  • economic returns

Balancing act

Developing wind farms is a form of large-scale area development, involving complex planning procedures, financing, and landscape issues, often in a turbulent political and administrative context, and further complicated by pressure from society. It is a balancing act involving content and process, design and studies, citizens and business cases. Antea Group feels completely at home in this playing field.

Added value for everyone!

Wind farms can only be developed successfully when they are solidly anchored in their surroundings. Stakeholder participation is essential, both in the form of a transparent planning process and in the form of (financial) participation by citizens. Furthermore, a wind farm also has to generate revenue for the initiators. This leads to interesting forms of collaboration, such as private energy cooperatives working together with professional market players. A successful wind farm will create value for everyone! We also make sure that our own power is green, thanks to 100% Dutch wind.